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Andy Chadderton…..Stalking & Bushcraft

We recently had an interesting meeting with Andy of Stalking School and Country Services Stalking School, Andy, apart from being a qualified trainer for stalking, is a local variety of the well known TV Bushcraft presenters you may well have seen, he is a Bushcraft genius, Andy can offer the items below on site at Tullochwood or locally

    • Fire lighting – working with sparks, bow & drill through to fire light and cook something – veniburger, cup of pine or nettle tea etc. Bannock bread.
    • Simple carving – making letter opener, tent peg etc
    • Shelter building
    • Atlatl making and competition – basically a stoneage throwing dart.  Only age restriction is physical ability to throw the thing – usually around 10-12 years plus.
    • Camoflage – spot the ‘enemy’ competitions.
    • A walk through the woods – brief trail with a talk about things along the way and demonstrations – eg tapping birch sap, birch bark tinder, moss uses, navigation, wildlife spotting.
    • Shotgun ‘plinking/ simulated hunt’  – we have a silenced 410. Age restriction of 17 or older. Not your usual clays, but steel plates etc – making a clang on impact – but no disruptive gunfire.  Shotgun makes slightly less noise than a car door shutting.
    • Hammock camping – setting up hammock & tarp – knot tying etc.
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